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(Can Aliens Read Your Mind?)

Alien fleets are coming to Earth. [09 Apr 2008|07:02pm]

In less then 6 months a whole bunch of ships is going to labnd on earth from Alpha-Z or maybe some other planet, populated by greys/Saurians. Reptilian, some nords (lots of them) and odd Martian or two (very odd) are all part of one conspiracy. Jihad seems to be the hand of the whole plot, they are going to weaken us emotionally and spiritually and prepare for beign enslaved by aliens.

Most of the grey aliens are goign to disguise themselves as humans, except when feeding, and pose as Christians, priests and teachers. They already have worked out a very complicated and detailed plan, it is scary how vcarefully orchestrated and rehearsed the whole thign is.

The scary thign is they are gonna be here in less than 6 months, and no one on earth knows about it or believes that it is gonna happen (this+ slavery, degradation, being killed and devoured the way abducted cows are, being cruelly tortured - greys are incredibly sadistic). And the space lizards are counting on us not knowing about them, not talking between each another about them, and being nice and obedient to them when they arrive. That's why I think we should global terrorist-attack idicator to code orange or code red and talk about it, and maybe petition US government to destroy all alien labs on Earth and in US, and end contracts which allow greys to visit earth and occasionally collect experimental material.

there's a text on, under ufo, forward slash "conspire.htm"

also, to see what the kizards have been up to between themselves the live journal name of their community is unitarian_jihad .

Please don't just sleep, do something!

P>S. Also, they might blow up continent of America if they manage to lay their hands on the necessary stuff.

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[10 Feb 2005|04:18pm]

Come Join Fcuking_pretty to see if you have what it takes. this rating community needs new members so apply please.

(Can Aliens Read Your Mind?)

[17 Jan 2005|12:16am]


(Can Aliens Read Your Mind?)

An icon challenge community... [02 Nov 2004|10:18pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Thought you guys might be interested:


An icon challenge community for fans of The Village.

Come join! This is a BRAND NEW community, and we need members!

Thank you!


(Can Aliens Read Your Mind?)

icons [12 Aug 2004|01:30pm]

Hello World! I made some icons.
[x] 1 edward scissorhands
[x] 2 signs
[x] 2 the village

to view them check out my icons journal: kitty_walker
or click here!

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[07 Aug 2004|01:36pm]

hey. i just joined. does anyone know where i can find images from the movie?

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The Village [17 Jul 2004|11:40pm]

In case anyone's interested, a community for the__village has been made.

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x-posted [02 Nov 2003|02:53pm]

Who was it that had a friend that looked like Joaquin Phoenix? and can you send me the picture again?

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Hi Everyone [21 May 2003|07:47pm]

New to LJ, thrilled to see that there's a SIGNS community.

I actually got to see SIGNS 3 months early at a test screening which was exciting. A friend and I sweet talked our way into the focus screening which meant that we got to actually meet M. Night Shyamalan and talk to him for a good 5 to 10 minutes. It was a blast. We both got autographs. Maybe one day I'll take a picture of it and put it up.

Also, thought everyone would be interested to hear about M. Night's new film, which was announced today. It's a period piece taking place in 1897, and involves a group of mysticals creatures who live in the woods. It's set to star Ashton Kutcher, Kirsten Dunst and Joaquin Pheonix (who "Shammy" called 'the finest actor of his generation'). The deal also has another Shyamalan movie in it. The whole Variety story's up on my lj.

So yeah, that's all, just saying hi.


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[12 May 2003|07:53pm]

*waves hand* I'm still here!

(Can Aliens Read Your Mind?)

[11 May 2003|08:20pm]

Dang this community is dead..

(Can Aliens Read Your Mind?)

[29 Apr 2003|07:21am]

I have a guy friend named Izzy who absolutely loves Joaquin Phoenix and right now he is going thru some tought times, could someone make a graphic with JP on it and say "I knew he always loved you. Love, Kristy" ? If you could that'd be awesome!

(Can Aliens Read Your Mind?)

hi! [05 Apr 2003|10:34pm]

[ mood | curious ]

hi! I've seen signs 11 times in theaters!!!!!!! I have my own foil hat..and i can quote the movie from begininng to end..hee..can i say obsession...?

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[21 Mar 2003|12:22pm]
did anyone see m. nights first film "wide awake"?

(Can Aliens Read Your Mind?)

[17 Mar 2003|01:00pm]
the thing i like most about m. nights movies is that there is always a twist or something that happens that ties into everything else that is happening. he explains things so perfectly, leaving the rest up to your imagination. i found out recently that m. night had another movie called "wide awake" i had seen some of it but not knowing it was directed by him i didnt pay attention. if anyone has seen it could you explain the plot to me?

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Hello! [22 Feb 2003|08:49am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hello everyone! I just joined here last night (it was late for me, so I didn't post then) and I just wanted to say hello. So... Hello!

(Can Aliens Read Your Mind?)

[07 Feb 2003|10:49pm]

Hey, does anyone know where to find still photos from the end of the movie or the Brazil birthday scene? I've been wanting to draw the alien and I need a photo reference. My dvd player won't stay paused for very long and the only pic. I found was too blurry. If anyone has any of these pics. let me know. Thanks! :)

(Can Aliens Read Your Mind?)

[12 Jan 2003|10:34pm]

Okay, haven't bought the DVD yet (how sucko am I?) but I borrowed it from a friend (peeps are good to you when you have the flu) and watched it...haven't yet seen all of the M. Night chatty bits, liked the deleted scenes (I at last got to see Merrill ask "What can make geometric shapes the size of a football field?"!!! woot!). Why didn't they put trailers on the disc? And why doesn't my stupid remote have an angle button so I may play with multi-angle storyboards. WHY I SAY!

Cease rant.

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hehehe [11 Jan 2003|09:22pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Today I bought Signs on DVD and I made me one of those foil helmets from the movie...My mom and dad looked at me weird but hey! If aliens ever make contact they wont be able to read my mind! No Sir!

Any way...I found this community and at the info page when it read "Are you wearing a foil hat?" I laughed..cuz I really was...

I sound like such a loser right now :D My mom took pictures so I'll post some, I guess when they get developed :D

I'm glad other's liked the movie as much as I do! You all rock my socks!

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[11 Jan 2003|04:42pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello! A new person here, just wanted to say hi! I'm so glad I found a Signs community since I loved the movie!
Speaking of which, there was an interesting ad in the paper, it said when you by the movie (I forget where) you get free tin foil :)

" the aliens dont read our minds"

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